We have given Swimming Pools their own category under Solar Thermal because the technology is so well suited to heating pool water and saving customers money. Solar is very good at delivering pool temperature heat and the connection into the pools is very straightforward.

For indoor pools, which are in use 12 months a year, solar will take over from the boiler as the main provider of heat to the pool water as well as to any showers nearby. Ideally, the solar collectors will be mounted on the roof of the pool but if this is not possible, then they can be ground-mounted or placed on a high frame like an awning.

For outdoor pools, you can say goodbye to your pool boiler and provide 100% of your pool heating with clean, free solar energy.

Depending on the temperature required for the pool and the fossil fuel being replaced, the payback will be between 5-10 years, compared to the life of the panels which will be 30 years plus. For instance, for a pool with an oil boiler and pool water maintained at over 25 degrees C, the payback will be 5 years.
For commercial pools the Renewable Heat incentive can be claimed from November 2011 at the rate of 8.5p per kWh of heat generated as measured by a meter at the point of use. This RHI payment is index linked to RPI and will be paid for 20 years.

For domestic pools, our understanding is that the RHI will not be payable.

Chart showing the 100% increase in heating oil prices in the UK for three years to March 2012: source www.fueljuice.co.uk