Air source heat pumps can offer a direct, cost-effective replacement to Oil and LPG boilers, saving at least 1/3 of the cost of the fuel bill.  They work by extracting heat from the air using a fan at temperatures down to -20C. The air is used to heat a refrigerant which is then compressed, raising the temperature up to 65C. The heat from an ASHP can then be used in the same way as from your conventional boiler, heating radiator systems.

By utilising the free heat from the air, the ASHP can deliver over 4 times the energy used to run the fans and compressor.  The efficiency will vary dependent upon the outside temperature but over a season they will still deliver 3Kw for 1Kw of electrical energy used. The units are amazingly quiet, making no more noise than a domestic fridge, in fact that is exactly what a fridge is, a heatpump working in reverse.

We install systems with intelligent weather compensation controls that maximise their efficiency and keep the house at a comfortable heating level.

ASHP can also be very effectively used to heat swimming pools all year round and provide efficient water heating solutions, for example dairy farms hot wash. Unlike a boiler they are maintenance-free and built to provide a much better installation.