Andy Perkins founded EZ Solar in 1999 concentrating on both domestic and non-domestic solar installations; in 2009 he co-founded Going Solar LLP with James Meynell and Charlie Houston bringing with him the non-domestic division of EZ Solar. James and Charlie were already in partnership with S Solar AB from Sweden, manufacturers of the Sunstrip solar collector which is used in over 50% of the large installations in Europe for air cooling as well as water heating.

At Going Solar, we have our own installation teams which are MCS registered allowing our clients to access the Renewable Heat Incentive as well as the Feed In Tariff. We hold Professional Design Indemnity insurance along with £10 million in Public Liability Insurance.

Over the past ten years we have installed over 10,000 m² of PV and solar themal panels together with numerous heat pumps and biomass boilers making us one of the leading installers and providers of renewable energy solutions of all types, in the UK.